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Fernando Expats almere

My wife and I are both born in Venezuela in South America. We left our mother country at a young age and after we living in the Dutch Caribbean for a long time we felt that moving to The Netherlands was a good next step for us.

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Shailja decided to move from India to Almere with her husband and son because her husband was offered a job opportunity in The Netherlands. ‘The decision to relocate to the Netherlands was easy as it’s a great place to work and live.’

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Vasiliy Expats in almere vasily

Vasiliy decided to move from Russia to Almere with his wife and kids to work for a ‘Dutch-Russian’ company in the Netherlands. The decision to relocate to the Netherlands is made out of curiosity to live abroad and indulge in another culture.

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The Canadian Vicky decided to move to Almere with her Italian husband and two daughters for love. ‘We decided that the Netherlands was a great half way point; with an international airport that offers direct flights to both our home cities’.

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