My wife and I are both born in Venezuela in South America. We left our mother country at a young age and after we living in the Dutch Caribbean for a long time we felt that moving to The Netherlands was a good next step for us. We enjoy the professional opportunities that we have in The Netherlands and it’s also a great place to raise our 5-year old son, Santiago.


I am a logistic professional and have the pleasure of working with a Fortune 500-company based in Amsterdam. Patricia decided to follow her passion and go back to school again after an intensive auditing career in a Big Four-firm. My wife and I enjoy cooking and thereby we mix traditional Venezuelan recipes with European flavors. One of our favorite dishes is the arepa, a kind of bun made of maize dough. It can be served with avocado, cheese, chicken and various meats. Almere Poort has a nice local market where we can find all the fresh ingredients that we need for our cooking.


When we decided to buy a house in Almere, we did so because Almere, and especially Almere Poort, is very child-friendly. In our neighborhood there are many families similar to us. Secondly it was great to move into a brand new house where we didn’t have to do any remodeling, we just unpacked our luggage and we settled in. 

Favorite area

During summer we enjoy spending time at the Beach Club and the Catamaran Sailing Restaurant ‘Sun Runners’ in Almere Poort. We also enjoy living next to the Pampushout forest. It’s a great place to stretch our legs or walk with our dog, Kira, any time of the year. However I especially enjoy the autumn, when the leaves turn yellow, red and orange. The best way to experience the beauty of our area is during an early morning run.

Life of an international in Almere

I have always felt very welcome in Almere as an international. One can easily talk to a stranger, since everybody is very friendly and open-minded. Our house is located in a communal courtyard, where our neighbors are always open for a talk! We feel very much at home in Almere.