Future of Almere

As the demand for houses in the Amsterdam Area will continue to grow, Almere will take its share by adding 60.000 new dwellings in the coming decades, thereby doubling in size. However, a city is so much more than just houses. Therefore a lot of energy will be put in the further development of the city as a place where people can meet, flourish and relax.

Almere 2.0

Together with the province Flevoland and the national government, Almere collaborates in the program Almere 2.0 to give a substantial extra impulse in infrastructure, environment and sustainability, economy and employment, education, recreation and culture. The city centre will become even more lively and attractive for shopping, recreation and entertainment. Better connections to the green areas will draw the nature into the city. Further expansion of the internationals schools is also on the agenda. These are only a few examples of what is yet to come. We sincerely hope that you share our excitement for these developments. Almere is a city of opportunities, we hope will join us on this interesting journey. Let’s start making history together!

Floriade Expo 2022

Almere will host the Floriade international exhibition and garden festival in 2022. For six months the theme ‘Growing Green Cities’ will focus on the cities of the future. Visitors will have a unique and meaningful experience while visiting the expo and will be invited to ‘explore, touch and change’. This expo also coincides with the start of the new city district ‘Floriade’. Almost everything that is built for the exhibition will become part of the legacy of Almere. The structures will remain and become part of the community. As part of this innovative exhibition concept, Floriade Expo 2022 will stimulate innovation and the development of solutions that can benefit us all. It will be a living laboratory and a platform for smart solutions. Read more