Floriade Expo 2022

Floriade Expo 2022 promises to be an extraordinary event. For six months, the theme ‘Growing Green Cities’ will focus on cities of the future. Visitors will enjoy a unique and meaningful experience, as the expo will invite them to ‘explore, touch and change’. This expo also marks the start of a new city district close to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Almost everything to be built for the exhibition will become part of the Floriade legacy. The structures will remain in place and become part of the community.

Theme: Growing Green Cities

The earth has seven billion inhabitants, more than fifty percent of whom live in cities. By 2050, this percentage will have increased to nearly seventy percent. With continuous and relentless urbanisation, we have no option but to look for new ways to keep our cities safe, healthy and attractive, and to find a better balance between ‘grey’ and ‘green’. We invite the world to join us and to contribute to our theme: Growing Green Cities.

As part of this, we have developed four sub-themes:

  • Green – parks and green structures that make cities more attractive.
  • Food – food production, food safety and food security solutions.
  • Health – the effect of green structures on a healthy living environment, as well as on the physical and mental vitality of city inhabitants.
  • Energy – sustainable energy solutions, as well as the effects of green spaces on the vitality of a city.

Green City Arboretum

The expo site will be developed as a Green City Arboretum, serving as a model for green structure development in cities. This arboretum will consist of a variety of trees, shrubs, perennials, creepers, hydrophytes and flower bulbs, all of which contribute to a green, healthy and sustainable city. Around 3,000 species have been selected that contribute to the green city in terms of biodiversity, air purification, food production and city climate management. The arboretum will be planted in alphabetical order, with each lot within the grounds being allocated a letter of the alphabet. A four-meter wide strip around each lot will contain plants and trees, the Latin names of which start with the letter allocated to the lot. We invite participants to choose plants with a relationship to their exhibit, country or city of origin.


Cities are where the future happens first. But every country in the world faces challenges in terms of liveability in cities and metropolitan regions. And every country has cities that are frontrunners, with their own solutions and showcases. These solutions may be worth showing and sharing with the world. Floriade Expo 2022 offers a global stage for these cities and invites those with good ideas to exhibit their solutions in keeping with the theme ‘Growing Green Cities’ and at least one of the four sub-themes: Green, Food, Health and Energy.