Housing in Almere

Living in Almere means you can choose from a wide selection of housing types – a clear advantage over other cities. Rent an apartment, buy a spacious family home, or even build your own dream home exactly the way you want it. Everything is possible. And you needn’t settle on existing opportunities because there are several new-build construction projects spread throughout the entire city.

A Dutch ambitious city

In 40 years time, Almere has become the 8th largest city in the Netherlands with over 210,000 inhabitants. In the next 30 years there is an expected demand for over 400,000 homes in the area. Almere has been asked to offer space for another 60,000 homes. But it is not just homes there are going to be built, improvement of infrastructure (rail and road) and the creation of more nature, culture and recreation possibilities around the Markermeer-IJmeer are also high on the agenda.

Many internationals are surprised there is so much available land just 20 minutes away from Amsterdam. But it stems from the Netherlands’ great tradition of reclaiming land from the water. Almere – and the entire province of Flevoland – was built on an area that was previously submerged under the IJsselmeer lake.

Short Stay

The Best Western Plus Plaza Almere hotel offers 220 rooms, a restaurant and an outdoor pool. Its offering also includes 140 short-stay rooms, including kitchenettes (small kitchens). It’s a perfect solution for international guests who’ll be staying in Almere temporarily and desire more homely facilities than a regular hotel room’Other short stay options are in the pipeline.


As part of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, Almere is located between two international airports and near the Port of Amsterdam. Almere features a multitude of highways, railways (six stations) and waterways. This makes Almere a prime location for living, to build your own house or for business development and opportunities. Find out more about the accessbility of Almere.

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New Construction Projects

Almere has many new-build construction projects taking place in inspiring areas around the city. These new-build projects generally consist of a variety of housing types, from apartment blocks to family homes. The major advantage of projects like these is that the designs are modern, and are often designed with green initiatives in mind.

Another benefit is that you’ll arrive in your brand new home at the same time as your neighbours, so you’ll build new friendships as you settle in. You can even group together to cover the costs of materials or labour, saving some cash in the process. Examples of new-build neighbourhoods in Almere are Oosterwold, Zandpoort, DUIN and Nobelhorst. Take a look at all new-build projects on Funda.

Rent a house

Almere has a lot of opportunities for house buyers, but you can just as easily rent the perfect home compared to Amsterdam. Rental prices here are favourable when compared to Amsterdam and other major Dutch cities, and you can really choose whatever you need. Find yourself at the heart of a beating city in Almere Stad or be close to nature on the outskirts of the city. There are many different city districts.

Check the current availability of rentals on websites like Funda. There are also a number of estate agents specialised in the expat market. If you’d like to know more about renting a home in the Netherlands, visit this website.

Buy a house

Look around the city and you’ll see that Almere has a dream home for everyone. Take your pick from a wide range of housing types, which are spread throughout the five distinctive city districts. Whether you’re looking for a starter home, a duplex, terraced house, detached villa or an apartment, every property type is available in Almere, so you’ll always find a home that suits your individual needs. Start your search on Funda or Amsterdamwoont.nl. Learn more about buying a house in the Netherlands on IamExpat.

Building your own home

Many people dream of building their own home and Almere gives you the freedom to. If you want to build a large villa with an outdoor pool, or a simple, cosy house built with the environment in mind, anything is possible in Almere. Take your pick from plots of varying sizes in your preferred part of the city. There is something to suit every homeowner, and it is one of the most cost-effective areas for buying your first home. Each of Almere’s neighbourhoods offer something different. The city has the space to grow and sets aside plots for residents – but of course, you are always the chief architect of your future home. Do-it-yourself principles mean you control the quality, customisation and can feel at home in the largest self-built city in the Netherlands. Explore the opportunities at www.ikbouwmijnhuisinAlmere.nl (Dutch only).

City Districts

Discover the different city districts

Almere Stad

Almere Stad

Meer over Almere Stad

Almere Haven

Almere Haven

Meer over Almere Haven

Almere Buiten

Almere Buiten

Meer over Almere Buiten

Almere Hout

Almere Hout

Meer over Almere Hout

Almere Poort

Almere Poort

Meer over Almere Poort