As part of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, Almere is located between two international airports and near the Port of Amsterdam. Almere features a multitude of highways, railways (six stations) and waterways. This makes Almere a prime location for living, to build your own house or for business development and opportunities. Almere has an abundance of space available to accommodate both residential and commercial property investments. It has excellent procedures in place facilitating the licensing or sale of land to set up new businesses or expand established businesses.

To calculate the travel distances between work and potential living locations, the Amsterdam area has developed the MapitOut tool. This interactive map allows you to select a living location by entering desired travel times to different locations. Try it out!

Almere’s six train stations provide connections between Amsterdam, Utrecht, Groningen, Den Haag and many other cities. It allows residents to easily commute to and from Amsterdam each day, as the city is just 20 minutes away by train. A direct train also runs between Almere and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, with a travel time of less than half an hour. More than 20 bus lines transport residents and visitors quickly and safely around the city and region. Within the city itself, buses operate solely on dedicated bus lanes, which are optimised for traffic circulation.

Cycling is also an excellent way to explore Almere. No matter if you’re a cycling enthusiast or a commuter getting to and from work, you’ll enjoy the efficiency of the city’s spacious cycling paths. Head out into nature, access the harbour or lakes, or simply follow the central cycle path which runs parallel to the train line. Of course, cycling in the Netherlands isn’t just for sports and recreation, it’s also a popular way to get to work, school or do your shopping. Fantastic cycling infrastructure makes this much simpler.