Shailja decided to move from India to Almere with her husband and son because her husband was offered a job opportunity in The Netherlands. ‘The decision to relocate to the Netherlands was easy as it’s a great place to work and live.’


We decided to live in Almere as it’s a well-planned and beautiful city with all the amenities that we need, including different city parks, beaches and shopping areas. The city boasts an international school, cinema, theater, good transport services of bus and train, over 400 shops and many restaurants. The cultural diversity of Almere and friendly people make our lives very enjoyable.


Shailja was working back in Singapore and at the moment she is looking for a job. Her husband is working in the Amsterdam Area. He got a job opportunity at the bank ABN AMRO. The company is located in Amsterdam Zuid, just 25 minutes away from Almere.

Favorite area

My favorite area is Almere Centrum as it is very lively. I enjoy reading new books in the public library, as I love to read and meet new people at the same time. These new contacts help me to learn more about the Dutch culture and to gradually learn to speak the language, which makes our life in Almere very enjoyable.

Life of an international in Almere

We have chosen to live in Almere as we like the calm, natural and serene surroundings of Almere and yet we are still very close to downtown Amsterdam. During weekends I enjoy jogging and cycling with my son as it gives me the opportunity to explore beautiful parks and beaches and I love to spend time with my family.