The Canadian Vicky decided to move to Almere with her Italian husband and two daughters for love. ‘We decided that the Netherlands was a great half way point; with an international airport that offers direct flights to both our home cities’.


For us Almere was an obvious choice because we both work here. I’m currently working full time as Guest Relations Supervisor and my husband is an Engineering Instructor. We are very happy with our choice, as it is a family centric environment with lots of cultural activities and a supportive expat community. Living in Almere has taught us to appreciate all the little things in life and resilience. It has taught us to appreciate the break in the clouds to quickly put on our shoes and go outside as soon as we see the sun and also that biking in the rain for leisure can be fun!

Favorite area

Almere Haven is one of my favorite neighborhoods. It has a lot of charm and character with a harbor and all kind of restaurants with terraces. What I have loved most about Almere for our children is that every local park is different; it does not consist of your simple swing and slide combination, but fun climbing apparatuses that promote agility and strength. From climbing webs to zip lining to skate ramps. You never know what you will discover around the corner in your neighborhood.

Life as an international in Almere

Life of an international in AlmereThe International Almere Facebook Group and the ABCDE Playgroup has played a vital role in my integration process. The ABCDE (Almere Baby Club Dutch and English) was a great place for me to go with my daughters to meet fellow Dutch and English speaking expat moms. They helped to make my Canadian traditions come to life by celebrating holidays that weren’t widely recognized in Holland, think of Halloween. They taught me about Dutch holidays, like Sinterklaas and Sint Maarten, which I otherwise would have never known about. What I dislike in the Netherlands is that it is often difficult to run our errands after work because everything closes much earlier than what we are used too.   

Weekend in the Amsterdam Area

We like to take advantage of all the cultural activities in and outside Almere. We got Museum Cards for the whole family and we love to visit all the different locations. The Tropen and Airplane museum are our family’s favorites.