Hotspots in Almere

Almere has multiple hotspots where you can go with your friends to meet new people. Clubbing, shopping, relaxing for all these activities Almere is the place to bee. Below you find multiple popular hotspots of Almere.

Almere Centrum (city centre)

Almere Centrum is a shopping center with over 400 stores, restaurants and nightlife. Many international brands are represented here, from Primark to G-Star and Hugo Boss. Are you hungry or thirsty? Almere boasts a fine selection of lunch rooms, restaurants and cafés with international cuisine. Enjoy a leisurely afternoon at one of the terraces or enjoy the nightlife at the Grote Markt or Belfort Square.

Almeerderstrand (beach)

On a hot summers day Almeerderstrand is the place to be. You find multiple beaches, beach clubs and water sport clubs. Also Almeerderstrand is one of the event locations in Almere. This is where ZAND and Summerpark Festival are annualy held. Come to sail, windsurf or paddle in a canoe and enjoy an icecold drink at one of the beach clubs afterwards.

Havenkom (terraces)

The oldest urban district of Almere is Almere Haven, where the marina is a great place to your time off work. The harbour (Havenkom) is filled with restaurants and terraces all overlooking the water. Due to the great view over the marina, Almere Haven is the place to be on a sunny day.

City Estate De Kemphaan

The city estate De Kemphaan is a place where you enjoy a great adventurous day out, in the midst of wonderful nature. It is situated close to the city of Almere so you get there quickly! Eating pancakes, watching apes, a climbing forest and luxurious accommodations are just a few of the options offered by this popular city estate. Natural products, a very lively and productive city farm and an exciting natural camping site are some others. This is the perfect place for a real break from all daily grind.